1. WNEU School of Pharmacy Looks Beyond First Graduating Class

    WNEU School of Pharmacy Looks Beyond First Graduating Class

    Briana Santaniello can trace her interest in the pharmacy profession to an article in the local press about a local pharmacist working for Baystate Health, which her mother showed to her when she was 16 and contemplating what to study in college.  “She said, ‘you’re strong in math, you’re strong in science, you’re good with people … have you ever considered pharmacy?’ I hadn’t, and at the time, I was looking at college programs, and there weren’t any pharmacy colleges around here — and I really wanted to stay in Massachusetts.”

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    1. One of the reasons Western New England made the decision to open a School of Pharmacy was that we recognized strong job opportunities in a health profession with strong upside — one where people are able to really help others get better.
    2. The pharmacy job market is showing some rebound, so that's been good.
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