1. Hcc, Stcc Begin Training Programs for Casino Careers

    Hcc, Stcc Begin Training Programs for Casino Careers

    STCC and Holyoke Community College (HCC) have formed a collaboration to provide knowledge about jobs, training, and qualifications that will be required by MGM Springfield when it begins hiring, and have joined forces with numerous local organizations that have a vested interest in filling the gap for the estimated 3,000 employees the casino will need. Efforts began with TWO program, which was established by the presidents of the two community colleges with the goal of supporting regional workforce needs. Since its inception, a seemingly endless amount of work has been done to create custom-designed programs and provide employee assessments ...

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    1. We have worked on joint projects in the industrial sector, manufacturing, IT, and hospitality, along with basic workforce literacy.
    2. We suspected this in the past and had talked about the need to expand our programs, but with the advent of the casino, the timing was finally right.
    3. We have also worked with our sister community colleges in the East and Southeast, and are trying to create a casino-training model that will be replicated across the state.
    4. Our goal is to assist in providing a labor pool and ensure the availability of training programs that will provide general instruction for careers, and specific training for licensed occupations such as table dealers, slot attendants, slot-repair technicians, and surveillance.
    5. We have the only post-secondary program for this field of study in the region.
    6. It's a highly anticipated investment by the college, the state, and the federal government because we recognize the need extends across the marketplace in Hampden County and the Pioneer Valley.
    7. It's part of the sheriff's effort to have people leave with workplace skills.
    8. There are more than 400 new job openings in the Pioneer Valley every year, and employers are looking for people who have some kind of training or experience.
    9. The casino will present a significant opportunity in terms of jobs, and a good body of work has already been done, which is important because, to capitalize on these opportunities, we have to get people prepared to move in and up in the workforce.
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