1. Partnerships Spur Development in Amherst

    Partnerships Spur Development in Amherst

    Construction is underway on multi-use buildings, infrastructure work is planned, the town has hired its first economic development director, and officials are involved in collaborations and partnerships aimed at fueling economic development.  “We’re well-poised to move forward, thanks to the vision and work done by Town Manager John Musante,” said David Ziomek, the interim holder of that title, as he spoke about the well-loved and respected official who died last September. “He really focused on building strong relationships between the town, UMass, Amherst College, and Hampshire College, which is important because our futures and success are intertwined; the colleges ...

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    1. We're well-poised to move forward, thanks to the vision and work done by Town Manager John Musante.
    2. It contains four residential units, and the commercial space has become home to a spa and wonderful restaurant called Bread and Butter.
    3. These projects have been embraced by residents and are bringing new life to North Amherst.
    4. It has solar panels on the roof and contains 11,628 square feet of commercial space as well as the residential units, which are all occupied.
    5. We have known for a number of years that there are residents on MassHealth in Amherst whose healthcare needs are falling through the cracks.
    6. We're very grateful to the private developers who have chosen to invest here and will continue working to secure millions of dollars in local and state funding to help them leverage private reinvestments in our community.
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