1. Top Entrepreneurs 2015

    Top Entrepreneurs 2015

    The award and the philosophy behind it explains why Big Y is still here 80 years after Paul D’Amour, with assistance from his much younger brother, Gerry, and, later, sisters Ann Marie, Yvette, and Gertrude, opened the Y Cash Market in Chicopee. They also explain why the company now logs $1.7 billion in annual revenues; how it’s gone from one 30-foot-wide corner market to 63 supermarkets in Massachusetts and Connecticut; why it continues to expand into new business realms, such as convenience stores with its acquisition of several O’Connell Convenience Plus gas stations; and why it ...

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    1. It's an honor … but you don't want to win it too often — one's enough.
    2. Since this award was conceptualized 20 years ago, it has gone to companies that have made significant strides over the previous year or two, and also to companies that have displayed a strong entrepreneurial character throughout their existence.
    3. There were a lots of ups and downs — more downs than ups, for sure.
    4. We can't afford a fancy resort — that's not in the budget.
    5. Actually, it's closer to five, because of the way the generations are staggered.
    6. I don't know how to drive a standard.
    7. Where do we see this industry going? It's going in a few directions, such as to online business, mobile payments, and maybe drones dropping your grocery bags at your front door at some point.
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