1. Ware Aims to Revitalize Town, Promote Growth

    Ware Aims to Revitalize Town, Promote Growth

    Ware is somewhere worth investing in.”  That’s the new tagline for this Hampshire County community of nearly 10,000 people. That statement is already true, said town officials who spoke with BusinessWest, but a host of initiatives are underway to make it even more so, and to make the slogan resonate with those who hear or read it.  Indeed, major efforts are underway in Ware to stimulate growth and economic development, projects focused on everything from increasing access to higher education to expanding public transportation.

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    1. There's a lot going on, and it's an interesting story, but no one entity is responsible; it's a core effort aimed at revitalization.
    2. They found a need for a small, independent furniture store, a family and women's clothing store, and an outdoor store.
    3. This is the first time in history that four Massachusetts community colleges have worked together on a project like this.
    4. This is a working-class town with lower incomes than most of Hampshire County, so jobs are important.
    5. We hope that, since Baystate owns other hospitals, it will bring its services here or enhance the emergency room in Ware; it's very important to the town as well as to the other 15 communities in the Quaboag region.
    6. We'll repave roads and install new lighting and sidewalks on Main Street.
    7. Ware regularly celebrates the Quabbin's history, and two years ago we held a 75th Anniversary Ball commemorating its creation.
    8. There's also an effort underway to collaborate with a group called Growing Transit & Growing Communities that is made up of businesses and municipal leaders from the 15 towns in the Quaboag region.
    9. Ware is a special place that's about to undergo a rebirth and blossom.
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