1. Healthy Pattern of Growth Continues in Hadley

    Healthy Pattern of Growth Continues in Hadley

    own Administrator David Nixon said it’s one of many projects that are underway or on the drawing board, and a combination of factors make Hadley a great place for a business to grow and flourish.  “We have low property taxes, a stable single tax rate, affordable water and sewer utilities, appropriate zoning, and good access to transportation,” he told BusinessWest. “The town is in a strong financial position and has a AA+ rating from Standard & Poor’s, so as a package Hadley is an attractive place for businesses.”

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    1. Route 9 has a high traffic count, and the visibility of the site is excellent.
    2. They had all planned to heat with natural gas, but switched to propane.
    3. They had to decide whether to continue building, and it drastically slowed down the project because the developer has to change every unit.
    4. We've applied for a license to sell beer and wine, which Pride does in five other stores.
    5. It's an impressive group, and they have a lot of good ideas about where to place alcohol in the store, as well as the signage for it, and the optimal hours of operation.
    6. It helps everyone avoid a roller-coaster ride. If we collected taxes right away, we would get a lot of money up front before they started making much, but as their property and equipment depreciated, we would get a lot less.
    7. We also partnered with the Hampshire Council of Governments and were able to get a three-year extension on a fixed rate for municipal electricity. So we are looking at a stable cost that will be discounted by the two solar farms, above and beyond any conservation measures we take.
    8. We're in the process of buying 100 acres through a partnership with the state.
    9. We've been working on culverts, bridges, roads, and sewer and water lines. Two existing pumping stations were refurbished at a cost of $1.86 million, in addition to $182,000 spent on the design and engineering.
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