1. Bright Nights polishing up its lightbulbs for another year

    Bright Nights polishing up its lightbulbs for another year

    It's going to be a lot brighter along Sumner Avenue in Springfield come Wednesday night. That's when Bright Nights at Forest Park ushers in its 21st season of providing a magical journey for holiday light seekers through Springfield's enchanted forest decked out with 650,000 lights along a three-mile drive. When the lights are switched on at 5 p.m. at a ceremony at Santa's Cottage, Tony Gleason, president of Gleason Johndrow landscaping, vice president David Johndrow, and operations manager Bill Metzer will do the honors alongside Springfield Mayor Domenic J. Sarno and Santa Claus.

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    1. Our military defends our country by land, sea and air, while it is our public safety officers who keep our cities and towns a safe place in which to live, work and visit.
    2. Santa's train is just a beautiful new addition, it's so colorful and cute, and Santa is carved into the seats of the train, which is driven by a head car of two reindeers.
    3. Up to four people can walk into this giant inflatable orb, similar to a bounce house, but you don't bounce and instead stand before a colorful backdrop of the decorated Barney Mansion that you pass by while frolicking through Bright Nights.
    4. These new additions continue our efforts to become a destination not just for our lights, which are worth the visit alone, but to give people an opportunity to get out of their cars and enjoy some special activities for the kids and kids at heart.
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