1. Holyoke receives Adams Arts Grant for Creative Economy

    Holyoke receives Adams Arts Grant for Creative Economy

    HOLYOKE, MA – The Holyoke Creative Arts Center (HCAC) is excited to announce that it has again received an Adams Arts Grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council (MCC) for the ARTery.  The state agency has awarded the project $35,000 for 2016 and 2017.  The partnership between the HCAC, the Greater Holyoke Chamber of Commerce (GHCC), the Western Mass Economic Development Council (EDC), and the City of Holyoke was initially funded in 2014 by a $75,000 Adams Arts Grant. The Adams Arts Program supports projects that revitalize communities, create jobs, grow creative industries, and increase engagement in cultural activities by Massachusetts residents and visitors. The ARTery brings development resources, marketplace opportunities and placemaking tools to Western Mass creatives by providing business training classes and professional support panels throughout the year as well as organizing the Holyoke Arts Bazaars and annual Holiday Pop up Shop.

    This month the HCAC hired Jenna Weingarten to serve as the ARTery Project Manger, who will develop, promote and administer creative economy programming at HCAC; organize arts bazaars, holiday pop-up and a permanent gallery on-site and online; manage the creative placemaking toolkit, which consists of equipment for community use at pop-up events; and now will also focus on fundraising to make up for recent cuts in municipal funding.  A 2011 Hampshire College graduate, Weingarten has been involved in the Pioneer Valley art scene on many different levels.  She has operated several galleries in Western Mass, hosting a wide variety of artistic exhibitions such as multimedia installations, music and dance performances, spoken-word readings, youth-oriented shows, and screenings.  Purchasing a home in Holyoke two years ago, she has become an active and dedicated member of the community. She teaches the Business of Art at the recently opened Lighthouse Center for Teens in downtown Holyoke and serves on the City’s Local Cultural Council. “Jenna has a solid understanding of how creativity can be both expressive and profitable,” said Holyoke’s Creative Economy Coordinator and HCAC President, Jeffrey C. Bianchine. “She is starting out of the gate as a respected leader to local creatives and a strong advocate of the arts in Holyoke. Jenna is a real asset to this City and we are lucky to have her.”

    Contact Jenna Weingarten at the Holyoke Creative Arts Center at 413-532-0465 or email artery@holyokecac.org for more information.


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