1. Gov. Charlie Baker announces $17 million in state funding for Lyman Terrace in Holyoke

    Gov. Charlie Baker announces $17 million in state funding for Lyman Terrace in Holyoke

    The state is awarding more than $29 million in state and federal tax credits to public housing projects across the state - 1,484 in total, including 1,119 low-income units. Four of the projects are located in Western Massachusetts, including: Lyman Terrace in Holyoke; The Kendall in Chicopee, single room occupancy property that will undergo a full rehabilitation; the Ludlow Mill, a re-use project that will offer 75 units for seniors, 66 of which will be affordable units; and funding for phase one of Springfield's E. Henry Twiggs housing unit.

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    1. There's a simple fact in all this, which is if you don't maintain your housing stock, you lose it. It's pretty much that simple.
    2. From the city's perspective, Lyman Terrace is an isolated unit in the downtown where people don't feel safe, either driving through or walking through. The whole point of this project is to open this up to the broader center city.
    3. They remind me how important it is to have a city that includes every single person, no matter what you look like, no matter what language you speak, or where you come from.
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