1. Holyoke Medical Center $12 million emergency room plan set for public hearing

    Holyoke Medical Center $12 million emergency room plan set for public hearing

    The Planning Board will hold a public hearing Tuesday (Aug. 25) on Holyoke Medical Center's plan to build a $12 million emergency department. The public hearing will be at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall Annex in the fourth-floor conference room, said Marcos A. Marrero, director of the Department of Planning and Economic Development. The hospital needs a new facility to replace what was described in the site plan review application as an undersized current emergency room that has an inefficient floor plan. The addition would be on the west side of the hospital in what is now ...

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    1. The proposed addition will allow (the hospital) to better serve the need of the community with an up-to-date emergency department.
    2. Possible economic benefits of this project include the likelihood of more patients seeking treatment within the city than traveling to other regional health care facilities.
    3. The projected number of vehicle trips is not expected to increase dramatically.
    4. Peak and daily vehicle trips are not projected to increase as use is already on site.
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