1. University of Massachusetts Medical School to open Springfield campus

    University of Massachusetts Medical School to open Springfield campus

    In a move to increase the number of physicians in the state and improve health care here, the University of Massachusetts Medical School is expanding its footprint into Western Massachusetts. The commonwealth's only public medical school, in conjunction with Baystate Health and the University of Massachusetts Amherst, will open a regional clinical campus in Springfield. It will focus on training future physicians in the much-needed areas of rural and urban primary care, and be known as UMMS-Baystate Health. Besides its neighborhood clinics and other outpatient facilities, Baystate has four area hospitals with plans to acquire a fifth, Noble ...

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    1. The joining of the exceptional strengths of two of our campuses with Baystate Health embodies the UMass system's commitment to having a statewide impact.
    2. We welcome the opportunity to expand educational opportunities for our medical students with Baystate Health's respected caregivers and leaders as our partners.
    3. This is a fantastic opportunity for our School of Public Health and Health Sciences and campus to build a robust and meaningful bridge to the medical school in our own backyard.
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