1. Holyoke Council grants zone change for $10 million Gary Rome Hyundai project

    Holyoke Council grants zone change for $10 million Gary Rome Hyundai project

    Rome's allusion was to the multinight public hearing process that began March 31 and Tuesday's debate in which councilors debated motions to table and reconsider a competing zone-change bid filed by residents who said an auto dealership would be intrusive to the neighborhood. Ultimately, councilors sided with the pitch Rome has been making. His project will provide 50 new full-time jobs, some part-time jobs, thousands of dollars a years in property tax revenue and an increase in employee payroll to more than $7 million from the current $4.6 million, he said.

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    1. I'm very pleased with the support of the City Council.
    2. It's going to create jobs. It's good for the city.
    3. Tonight we have a chance to further the benefit of the city ... At the same time I believe it's the right thing to do.
    4. The Gary Rome Hyundai expansion will generate tax revenue, create jobs and contribute to overall quality of life for our residents. (Tuesday's) vote demonstrates Holyoke's continued commitment to its economic resurgence.
    5. This is an incompatible and unharmonious use.
    6. That will require 12 votes of the body.
    7. I just really want to state again that I really respect the work of the neighborhood ....I want to commend their citizen service.
    8. They are both fairly high intensity uses
    9. I believe the neighbors favored the RM-20 district mainly because of design features and dimensional regulations that the RM-20 district provides and we can build in a lot of those protections and assurances as we review and refine the city's several commercial districts.
    10. Everybody's had the opportunity to debate and be heard.
    11. When you filed this, did you not know it could be denied.
    12. It doesn't make sense. We're drawing out a process that has already been drawn out.
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