1. CNR MA to Host Outreach Event in Springfield

    CNR MA to Host Outreach Event in Springfield


    CNR MA to Host Outreach Event

    Small Businesses & Minority/Women Owned Business Suppliers Invited


    CNR MA Corporation, the MBTA’s rail car manufacturer for the Orange & Red Line Rail Car Procurement Project, is hosting an outreach event to meet with Small Businesses and Minority and/or Women owned suppliers.  CNR MA is particularly interested in speaking with suppliers in the following areas:  Electronic Components, Connectors, Interior, Cabinet Driver Desk, and Multi-purpose Driver Control Desk. This event will focus on the following topics:  Scope of Work/Supplier Opportunities/Mentoring Opportunities.

    The event is scheduled for: Thursday, May 21, 2015

    10:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.

    Sheraton Springfield, Longford Room – 3rd Floor

    One Monarch Place

    Springfield, MA 01144

    Sample of the Subcontractor opportunities include:

    Battery Box, Driver Console, Interior Liners and Parts, Heater Assemblies, Signaling Wayside Equipment, Fire Extinguisher, Metal Fabrication, Exterior Film, Label/Decals, Emergency Evacuation Ladder, Kickplate, Holster Controller, Push Button Board Panel, Cab Control Cabinet, Cab Signal Box, Electrical Cabinet Assembly, Earthing Bracket, Earth Terminal, Shield Plate, Connector/Junction Cable/Wiring Box, Electrical Connector/Junction Cable/Plug, Brackets/Fabrications, Fasteners, Cable/Pipe Connectors, Electrical Box Assemblies, Mechanical Assemblies and parts associated with pneumatic valve assemblies for the air, Components for: air compressor system, mechanical coupling system, brake system, door operating system, and other major systems for Tier I supplies.

    Interested subcontractors can register by clicking the link below.  Pre-registration is required to attend the event.       


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