1. Tracking Progress

    Tracking Progress

    Union Station wouldn’t be the first Springfield landmark that Daniel O’Connell’s Sons has constructed — or reconstructed, as the case may be.  Indeed, the company handled the massive rehabilitation of the of the Memorial Bridge in the early ’90s, and it also handled the $60 million initiative to build a new federal courthouse on State Street, a three-year project that was completed in 2008. Aquadro served as project manager for the federal courthouse work, as he did for construction of the new, $80 million Taunton Trial Court, his most recent major assignment, and another endeavor that stretched through ...

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    1. This is one of the most complex processes that I have seen in many years — there are a lot of players, and there's a lot to put together to make this come off properly.
    2. Projects I tend to get involved with are generally very lengthy.
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