1. Investments for the Future

    Investments for the Future

    Chris Sikes, Common Capital’s CEO, said this movement, if it can be called that, can be traced to New Hampshire, and it has quickly spread to many other areas of the country.  That’s because the concept is fairly simple, and — to the growing number of people who, like Weeks, desire investments that that can in some way be categorized as ‘sustainable’ — it’s also quite appealing.

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    1. I went to a Brewing the American Dream event, a meet-and-greet, and I got to meet Jim Koch.
    2. I really want to hire someone who has skills so I can get out of the kitchen, do more marketing, and be the boss, not the business.
    3. If it wasn't for them, there's no way I would have continued, and no way all this would have happened.
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