1. Holyoke to launch SPARK program as catalyst for new businesses

    Holyoke to launch SPARK program as catalyst for new businesses

    SPARK Holyoke will begin a nine-week curriculum in May to help prospective owners establish business plans and figure out how to get operating, Khelfaoui said at the Innovation District meeting. SPARK programs are part of a larger program in the state known as Working Cities Challenge led by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. Holyoke has a three-year $250,000 grant for the program, Murphy-Romboletti said. To be eligible to participate in the Working Cities Challenge, so-called working cities are defined as those with a population exceeding 35,000 (excluding Boston) whose median family income is below the median family ...

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    1. The program is designed to help people turn their business concepts into reality, by linking them to the right local resources to get on the path to success.
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