1. Noble Hospital-Baystate Health proposed affiliation looks to keep Noble operational

    Noble Hospital-Baystate Health proposed affiliation looks to keep Noble operational

    The proposed affiliation of Noble Hospital with Baystate Health announced Thursday will help the 97-bed community hospital better serve its patients, many of whom are government insured, as well as face the future in a time of health reforms and changing government reimbursements, its top executive said. "We want to be part of their regional system," Ronald P. Bryant, president and chief executive of Noble Health Network, said of the potential affiliation. "This allows us to bring services to our community that, without additional resources, we are not able to do."

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    1. Small independent hospitals working in the regulatory environment of Massachusetts have a tough time to make it on their own.
    2. The current period of due diligence is the time to get to know the programs and services and to learn what the needs are in the community.
    3. Health care reform is having many significant effects on the realities of care delivery.
    4. We will continue working with Noble to insure that patients have access to these and other important, high-quality services.
    5. All hospitals have been affected by federal and state payment rates.
    6. Resources are needed to implement these types of services in health care, and for a community hospital to do it alone would be a daunting task that is nearly impossible.
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