1. Community Spotlight: Amherst

    Community Spotlight: Amherst

    Town Manager John Musante says a plan to position downtown Amherst as a center for innovation is gaining momentum.  “One of the keys is to make it an attractive place where people can live, play, and start and grow a business,” he told BusinessWest, adding that the town is doing all it can to redevelop its downtown and strengthen its relationships with UMass Amherst, Amherst College, and Hampshire College.

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    1. Overall, 2014 was a breakthrough year for Amherst.
    2. We are tremendously excited about Kendrick Place.
    3. The permits for the building have been approved. There is one ongoing appeal which will result in a short delay, but the goal is to have it built and occupied by 2017.
    4. It's an exciting component, and the developer is working with the town, the university, and the Business Improvement District to attract research and development spinoffs.
    5. Combining business and social space will make it easier for spinoffs coming out of the university.
    6. The commercial space is completely occupied, and a salon and breakfast place in the Trolley Barn have become part of the village.
    7. He has really been positioning the college as a leader in environmental education and sustainability.
    8. Jonathan is re-imaging the campus, and this will become the portal building.
    9. We are working to build relationships and strengthen our partnerships and have all the permitting processes we need to bring great concepts and ideas to reality.
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