1. Getting the Jobs Done

    Getting the Jobs Done

    “The economic imperative for aligning the workforce needs of Massachusetts with the needs of students attending community colleges is powerful and growing. Massachusetts is at a crossroads in its capacity to compete — and the ability of its residents to fully participate in the current economy and the rewards that employment brings. For the Commonwealth to flourish going forward, a high priority must be placed on training the workforce that is needed by the industries that are driving the Massachusetts economy. That responsibility falls squarely on the Commonwealth’s public higher-education system, most predominately the 15 community colleges.”

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    1. While we didn't agree with everything in the report, it certainly got our attention, we
    2. Prior to community college reforms, the two colleges often worked in a reactive form and in competition with one another.
    3. The concept to fill the gap in the labor pool was to come up with a development program.
    4. There are quite a few call centers in the region if you start to add them up, and they're across many sectors of the economy.
    5. To us, that's the kind of work that community colleges were designed to do.
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