1. Mohawk Fine Papers plans to open South Hadley facility in 4 months

    Mohawk Fine Papers plans to open South Hadley facility in 4 months

    New York-based Mohawk Fine Papers officials says they expect to sign a seven-year lease next month and begin producing 500 million envelopes annually when they start operations in April at 28 Gaylord St. located in the Falls village.And according to a statement released Tuesday by Mohawk Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Thomas D. O'Connor, Jr., the 40 full-time workers at the state of the art, 112,342 square foot facility, exemplifies their commitment to the region

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    1. The town of South Hadley has been extremely cooperative and supportive of our interest in opening a new envelope manufacturing and distribution facility.
    2. We selected South Hadley because the layout of the building is ideal for our manufacturing needs, the site is essentially move-in ready and requires minimal construction prior to becoming operational, and there is an abundant pool of highly skilled envelope workers in Western Massachusetts.
    3. This significant accomplishment, achieved by nearly 200 employees, clearly demonstrates Mohawk's strong commitment to operational excellence and workplace safety.
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