1. Sisters of St. Joseph, Tryko partners close on Mont Marie property

    Sisters of St. Joseph, Tryko partners close on Mont Marie property

    The transfer of the Mont Marie property in Holyoke from the Sisters of St. Joseph to Tryko Partners is a done deal, according to Wendy Hammerle, communications director for the Sisters of St. Joseph in Springfield. The two parties closed on the sale Monday and the deed was filed Tuesday. The 52-acre campus includes the Mont Marie Health Care Center, the congregation's Motherhouse and two HUD-supported senior residences. The sale became necessary as a cost-saving measure, according to Hammerle.

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    1. In the end, we are extremely grateful to have found a buyer whose two lines of business are nursing homes and multi-unit apartments, especially those for elders and elders with financial need.
    2. We are pleased further to know that the principals of Tryko and their affiliates are people of faith and respectful of our faith, too.
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