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    For the Long Haul | BusinessWest

    CNR MA expects to break ground on its new, $60 million plant sometime in 2015, just as planned worker-training programs begin to gear up. The initial project to build 152 Orange Line cars and 132 Red Line cars — replacing vehicles that have been in use for between 35 and 45 years — is set to continue until a planned delivery date of 2021, but by then, the company is hopeful that an expanded workforce will be busy with other projects well into the future.  “This is huge,” Cruise said, “not only for the whole issue of job creation, but also for ...

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    1. We were very excited about the opportunity to have CNR Changchun here in the area — it's a very unique opportunity to bring sustaining wages and career opportunities to people of all ages.
    2. They are very serious about getting into the American rail-car market.
    3. The restaurants in that area are ecstatic. Now we're going to get spinoff businesses — people are going to want to eat, get their hair cut, need this, need that.
    4. They really liked the red carpet we rolled out for them here in Springfield.
    5. When trying to build a workforce of this size, you have to have educational outreach programs to make certain the community as a whole is aware of the positions that will be available — primarily production opportunities, but I suspect some in the corporate office in Springfield as well.
    6. We really are at a pivotal moment in the city's history.
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