1. Westfield businesses challenged to support arts and entertainment

    Westfield businesses challenged to support arts and entertainment

    United president Dena Hall promised to match the $10,000 in support of arts and entertainment activities promoted by Westfield on Weekends and the city. Joining United Bank in the challenge was James R. Adams, city councilor and vice president of Frition-Adams Funeral Home, who donated $1,500 to the cause. Immediately following was Prob Reshamwala, owner of Mina's Wine and Spirits of Elm Street with a $162 contribution, Mayor Daniel M. Knapik and City Council President Brent B. Bean II with $100 each.

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    1. WOW is a great oranization doing great things for our city. Frition-Adams Funeral Home has operated a business in the downtown for over 70 years and we are proud to support this new partnership.
    2. This campaign will allow WOW to continue producting its calendar of events and find the wherewithal for everyday management and sustainment.
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