1. Baystate Wing officially part of Baystate Health: 'Winner is the patient,' doctor says

    Baystate Wing officially part of Baystate Health: 'Winner is the patient,' doctor says

    It is official. The signage now reads Baystate Wing Hospital. The 74-bed hospital, which for the last 15 years has been part of UMass Memorial Health Care, in Worcester, has become part of Baystate Health. In an hour-long ceremony on Sept. 5, attended by hospital representatives, as well as area legislative representatives, a crowd of several hundred heard those speakers praise Wing becoming partnered with Baystate, with the transfer of ownership from UMass Memorial.

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    1. This will truly be a regional system of quality care.
    2. No matter which way you turn up the (Massachusetts) Pike, quality care.
    3. I look at the two hospitals (Mary Lane and Wing), as a single hospital with a 10-mile hallway.
    4. It has been a long process, and we are glad to see this day come.
    5. A motorcycle goes where you fix the direction. Humans are visual creatures, and this applies not only with motorcycles, but with most things we undertake, the first step of a journey together, and of a convergence of mutually held visions.
    6. Without the support of a community, community hospitals whither and die.
    7. Health care is changing dramatically, Geography, in health care, is more important, as we we try to get the most value from the health care we deliver, improve the quality and patient experience, but control the cost.
    8. It's going to be great partnership that will work for Wing and for the community. I love this hospital, but if you need referrals to specialties, Baystate, in Springfield, is close.
    9. We have always gone to Wing, even my parents before us.
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