1. Bradley International Airport seeks Springfield-area input, reports strong

    Bradley International Airport seeks Springfield-area input, reports strong

    Springfield business leaders have long wanted a say in Bradley management, said Allan W. Blair , President and CEO of the Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts. At first, the idea was to have someone on the Connecticut Airport Authority  board, the governing authority for Bradley as well as Danielson, Groton-New London, Hartford-Brainard, Waterbury-Oxford, and Windham airports. But legislation creating the authority in 2011 put appointing authority in the hands of the Connecticut governor and lawmakers in Hartford. "We understand the political realities," Blair said. Dillon said the advisory committee will have his ear.

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    1. We have been able to strategically approach the airlines to spur competition and lower fares.
    2. We understand the political realities.
    3. Now the airport can be much more flexible.
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