1. Northampton mayor welcomes Zipcar to downtown

    Northampton mayor welcomes Zipcar to downtown

    Narkewicz officially launched the program Tuesday, flanked by company representatives who offered Zipcar pens, bandanas and water bottles to passersby on Main Street.  The mayor signed a deal with the Avis-owned Zipcar in August — months after a lively City Council discussion on the idea's merits — where the company leases two municipal parking spaces. The deal generates a small revenue stream for the city, said Narkewicz.

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    1. We're really excited about this. It really fits in with our vision of sustainable transportation.
    2. We make sure each of the cars in our fleet is what the EPA would consider a SmartWay vehicle.
    3. I'd say this is a very intelligent, very cost-conscious, and very sustainability-conscious community, and all those things work very well for Zipcar.
    4. They actually approached us this time around.
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