1. Regional Employment Board of Hampden County: Pioneer Valley manufacturers

    Regional Employment Board of Hampden County: Pioneer Valley manufacturers

    Precision manufacturers making everything from handguns to artificial hips here in Western Massachusetts are likely to need 1,700 new workers in just the next three years, according ot a study released Monday by the Regional Employment Board of Hampden County and the Western Massachusetts Chapter of the National Tooling and Machining Association. Those jobs will need filling, or work will leave the region, despite the fact that the region's seven vocational technical high schools and Springfield Technical Community College will only graduate 284 job-ready students in those same three years, said David M. Cruise, president and CEO of ...

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    1. The big need is still qualified workers.
    2. That's why we have to continue to train incumbent workers, those already in the industry who want to upgrade their skills, along with veterans and workers who are displaced from other employment.
    3. It's the best job you can get in Massachusetts without a four-year college degree.
    4. I don't want people to see that as indicative of the entire manufacturing industry.
    5. That's because for a few years everyone got a business degree, or went inito retail.
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