1. Communty Spotlight: Westfield

    Communty Spotlight: Westfield

    This summer, Westfield was ranked as a “City on the Rise” and one of the “Best Cities to Live in Massachusetts” on different websites. Officials are pleased by the accolades, and believe they reflect a number of dramatic changes that are attracting people to its shops, restaurants, and year-round events.  “It’s an exciting time for us due to new developments at the airport and the continued growth and revitalization of our downtown,” said Peter Miller, the city’s director of Community Development, who noted everything from a number of new restaurants in the central business district to a growth ...

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    1. It's an exciting time for us due to new developments at the airport and the continued growth and revitalization of our downtown.
    2. When the company decided to expand, Westfield was one of four airports across the nation they looked at. It's impressive that Barnes was chosen, and it put Westfield on the map for people who use corporate aircraft.
    3. We've learned through this expansion that we can really position ourselves as a hub for aircraft maintenance and specialized services.
    4. Rectrix and Whip City Aviation are also in the process of evaluating and expanding their hangar space.
    5. It has a great atmosphere and is a place where families and students can come together and enjoy themselves.
    6. We're focusing on attracting investors from the region because they understand our market and culture.
    7. Westfield is the northern terminus of the trail, and this summer it will be extended into our downtown.
    8. A different personality hosts the show every weekday between 6 and 8 a.m..
    9. It's a great way to learn about what's going on in the community and gives people another way to interact.
    10. There's a synergy happening among the people who live and work here.
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