1. Agawam architects to design transit pavilion

    Agawam architects to design transit pavilion

    Reinhardt Associates Inc. (RAI) of Agawam has been selected by the Pioneer Valley Transportation Authority (PVTA) to design the new Westfield Transit Pavilion, formerly referred as the Westfield Intermodal Transportation Center, at the corner of Elm and Arnold Streets. “They just told me last week we were awarded the project, so we don’t even have a contract signed,” said John MacMillan, president of RAI. “They went through a designer selection about a month ago, and told us last week, maybe even earlier this week, that we were awarded the contract.” While the design process is still in the earliest ...

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    1. They just told me last week we were awarded the project, so we don't even have a contract signed.
    2. We're working with the vocational students on the pavilion in the square.
    3. The official name of it now is the Westfield Transit Pavilion, 'Intermodal Center' implies a huge building, and that isn't the case, so a more apt description is Transit Pavilion.
    4. The bus station as it relates to the Flahive property on Arnold Street, is a PVTA responsibility.
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