1. Holyoke Gas and Electric Manager James Lavelle said region needs more

    Holyoke Gas and Electric Manager James Lavelle said region needs more

    The proposed and controversial expansion of the Tennessee Gas Pipeline possibly through Franklin County might not be a bad idea, said the head of the Holyoke Gas and Electric Department. The Northeast needs additional natural gas pipeline capacity, said James M. Lavelle, manager of the Holyoke Gas and Electric Department (HGE).

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    1. I am not intimately familiar with the details of the proposal, so I'll withhold any specific comments regarding the Kinder Morgan proposal at this point.
    2. Many industry stakeholders in the region have reached the consensus that additional gas pipeline capacity is required in this region to maintain the reliability of the electric grid and to meet anticipated demands.
    3. The current capacity constraint causes the region to be at an economic disadvantage due to the higher cost of gas transportation, and just the fact that there is limited supply will scare off some industrial-type investment.
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