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    Peter Pan Prepared for 4th of July Travelers 

                    Springfield, MA – Peter Pan Bus Lines, one of the largest privately owned bus lines in the country, is preparing to add as many as many as 250 additional motorcoaches to its regular route service between Washington, DC and the New York/New England corridor during the 4th of July holiday travel period.  With today’s ever-fluctuating gas prices, buses provide a smart, environmentally-friendly and economical alternative to driving personal automobiles, which is becoming increasingly expensive for the average consumer.

    At the height of the summer travel season, the company anticipates carrying more than 120,000 passengers during the holiday period from Thursday, July 1st through Monday, July 5th.  To aid in streamlining operations, similar to rail and airline transportation, Peter Pan has expanded the option of reserved seating on select route schedules, which allows customers to guarantee a seat.  Of course, passengers still have the options of purchasing standard fare tickets to travel at their convenience at any time, as well e-tickets through Peter Pan’s website, offering greater flexibility to all motorcoach customers.               

    According to Peter A. Picknelly, President of Peter Pan, “The flexibility of our system allows us to put additional vehicles in service on our regular line run schedules, affording the traveling public the advantage of knowing they are assured of a seat.  Unlike most other forms of public transportation, as demand increases, we are positioned to add motorcoaches literally within minutes to meet that demand.  In addition, with reserved seating tickets, and e-ticketing available on our website, passengers have the option of purchasing their tickets in advance and printing them out at home, or ordering them online and receiving them in the mail.  This helps alleviate congestion at the terminals, and long lines at ticket counters, saving our customers time as well.” 

    “With modern conveniences and updates like WiFi accessibility and GPS systems, bus travel has never been more comfortable, safe and customer-friendly.  We encourage those traveling during this major holiday season in the northeast to consider intercity bus travel, avoiding the limited seats available on trains and the hassle of crowded airports and overbooked flights.”

    Peter Pan, one of the largest privately-owned regular route motorcoach companies in the USA, offers at least hourly service in Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.  Schedule information can be obtained on www.peterpanbus.com, or by calling (800) 343-9999.  Tickets can be purchased online as well, to help eliminate waiting in lines at terminals.  Now offering Reserved Seating on select schedules.  Peter Pan serves over 100 communities throughout the Northeast corridor, with daily express service, including Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, DC.

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