1. Westfield dissolves Business Improvement District

    Westfield dissolves Business Improvement District

    The Westfield Business Improvement District will be dissolved as a result of a City Council vote Monday night. The council voted 9-2 to accept the government relations committee's recommendation to dissolve the district, with Councilor James Adams abstaining and Councilor Dave Flaherty absent. The vote stems from a petition which received signatures from 57 percent of property owners within the district. Councilor Ralph Figy said his vote to keep the district was the hardest he has made in his time on the council. He said he could see both sides of the argument, but overall the district did a ...

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    1. My fear is that we're going to go backward.
    2. I think the BID is bent. I don't think it's broke.
    3. I don't see us changing the Commonwealth of Massachusetts general laws.
    4. I think the biggest challenge for us was the change in law in 2012 making membership mandatory.
    5. I oppose any effort by government or non-governmental agency that creates a program, a tax or fee, then changes the rules or purpose after the fact.
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