1. Westfield Business Improvement District 'Clean Team' keeps downtown tidy

    Westfield Business Improvement District 'Clean Team' keeps downtown tidy

    The "Clean Team" has been in existence since the early days of the BID, which formed in 2006 to provide business development, maintenance, beautification, marketing and public safety programs, along with public infrastructure projects. “We have one full-time person on the 'Clean Team' that’s dedicated to Westfield, but then it depends on what’s going on,” BID executive director Maureen Belliveau said. “If there’s a special event, depending on the task that needs to be done, there are people contracted to help.” The "Clean Team" provides an important service to the downtown area, she said. Sam Bazluke is ...

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    1. They do beautification, care and maintenance.
    2. Since we've had the Clean Team, downtown Westfield's physical appearance has improved tremendously.
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