1. Holyoke City Council gives 2 more years to Jeff Bianchine as creative economy coordinator

    Holyoke City Council gives 2 more years to Jeff Bianchine as creative economy coordinator

    Bianchine's efforts have included setting up "pop up" stores offering art work for sale made by local artists around Christmas the past two years; fielding emails from artists and business owners seeking a building to operate in and asking how to navigate City Hall; and using $16,000 of a $20,000 grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Council to help building owners who would like help with an analysis and estimated costs of improvements needed to ensure building and other codes are met. Ordinance Committee Chairwoman Rebecca Lisi said Bianchine's efforts actually have helped the Creative Arts Center ...

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    1. I was not in favor of it when it was created. I'm still not in favor of it now.
    2. It's not a personal issue. It's a position issue....We have too many city councilors. I've always said that. The government is too big.
    3. Frankly, there's no way I would have supported this if I didn't think we were getting a good return on our investment.
    4. There's some sort of economic development that I missed....Has anybody seen the dynamic change? Anybody? This is a joke.
    5. If you think it's about arts and crafts, you're not paying attention.
    6. I was amazed at the level of scrutiny.
    7. I'm in full support and I would encourage everyone to support.
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