1. HCC Will Expand into Former Photo Studio, Modernize Facilities

    HCC Will Expand into Former Photo Studio, Modernize Facilities

    The opportunity to expand and modernize those facilities is what inspired the college to become motivated when it came to the Jarvis Avenue property, said Messner, noting that the school is now moving forward with a multi-faceted, $15 million initiative centered around creating its new Center for Health Education in the 22,000-square-foot Grynn & Barrett building.  Plans call for moving the nursing program, the radiology technician (rad-tech) offering, and the medical assisting program from the Marieb building to Jarvis Avenue, said Hankel, and then renovate the vacated space to create what will be called the Center for Life Sciences, which ...

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    1. Our bio labs are dreadfully out of date — they're 40 years old, and we need to get them into the 21st century.
    2. She's authored the premier book on Anatomy and Physiology; it's used by thousands of colleges and universities.
    3. She wanted to get a broad base of people involved in this initiative.
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