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    Going All In | BusinessWest

    Mary Kay Wydra says she understands how some tourism-based businesses might not like the idea of a major casino company setting up shop in downtown Springfield.  “We have 260 members, and not all of them are for it,” said Wydra, president of the Greater Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau (GSCVB). “Big brands like Six Flags and Yankee Candle are very much for it, but among the smaller businesses, many of them remain concerned about what a casino will do to business.”

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    1. We have 260 members, and not all of them are for it.
    2. What we like about the MGM product is that inside-out casino, and we like their brand.
    3. Honestly, we see a casino coming here as a way to extend people's stay.
    4. We meet every two to three weeks, trying to get meetings and conventions to come into the region.
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