1. Gov. Deval Patrick: Make Westover a freight hub

    Gov. Deval Patrick: Make Westover a freight hub

    Allan W. Blair, president of the Westover Metropolitan Development Corp., said not only is Logan hemmed in, but planners at MassPort, which runs Logan, are under tremendous pressure to provide more facilities for passenger traffic. "Something's got to give," Blair said. Blair said the $177 million capital bill includes $160,000 for a market study on freight at Westover. The study, which could begin soon and take four months, would tell Westover what the market potential is and what would need to be done, besides MassPort cooperation. It would also tell planners where Westover fits in a changing air ...

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    1. Seeing as how it is located at the intersection of two major highways.
    2. I don't know if we have cracked that code for Westover, yet.
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