1. Florence Savings Bank contributes $2,5000 to Forbes Library

    Florence Savings Bank contributes $2,5000 to Forbes Library

    Florence Savings Bank has donated $2,500 to the Forbes Library in Northampton, in memory of the Bank’s past President and CEO Ed Morin. Bank President and CEO John F. Heaps, Jr. made the announcement at the Bank’s recent Customers’ Choice Community Grants Program Awards Ceremony, held at the Northampton Senior Center. During the ceremony, Heaps recalled the life and accomplishments of his predecessor, who recently passed away. Also present at the ceremony were Scott Morin, Ed Morin’s son, and Forbes Library Director Janet Moulding.

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    1. Ed played such a key role in the growth and development of Florence Savings Bank. He was a highly-respected member of the banking community, and we are all indebted to him for his excellent service to the Bank, and also for his leadership in the community.
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