1. Mike Graney Departure

    Mike Graney Departure

    Today is my last day working for the Economic Development Council of Western Massachusetts. I will start a new job in Charleston SC next month. I was hired by the EDC almost eight years ago to organize and manage its new Business Development Department. I believed strongly in the EDC’s mission then and I believe in it equally strongly today. Our goals are to encourage private capital investment and public infrastructure investment in the region and to stimulate more and better jobs for the workers in our communities. These goals are important for any region, especially for smaller regions like ours that are not global “name brands”.


    Let me end with a “Thanks” to our readers for your support and interest in our Daily Business News. It started internally and now with our current technology, we have over 700 daily readers. Without question, I have received more compliments on our daily news brief than on any other EDC initiative. You will miss my occasional blog, but my colleague's at the EDC will continue to communicate with you daily.

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