1. Greenfield receives bond upgrade from Standard & Poor's

    Greenfield receives bond upgrade from Standard & Poor's

    Standard & Poor's Ratings Services assigned its 'AA' long-term rating and 'AA-''underlying rating to Greenfield series 2014 general obligation state qualified municipal purpose loan.  Greenfield's underlying bond rating had been lower at 'A to 'AA-', the municipality said Tuesday in a news release.  'In our opinion, the town's budgetary flexibility has improved, with available reserves above 8 percent of expenditures as per the draft fiscal 2013 audit, and Greenfield has no plans to significantly spend down the reserves. Supporting Greenfield’s finances is what we consider to be very strong liquidity, with total government available cash as ...

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    1. This is very good news, particularly as we issue the bonds for our new high school. This is a credit to hard work by everyone on our finance team as well as the Town Council for working with us to position and protect the Town's future capital projects.
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