1. EDC Welcomes New Directors and Officers

    The EDC held our Annual Meeting yesterday. The Board of Directors voted to confirm our slate of Directors and officers for 2010. The new officers, who will serve a two-year term, are:

                Chair                            Peter Straley, Health New England

                Vice Chair                    Peter Clarke, WMECO

                Treasurer                      Kevin Vann, Dufault, Vann & Carella

                Secretary                      Robert Holub, University of Massachusetts


    Most of our Directors return, but we added William Bethany from Sisters of Providence, William Burke from Lenox/American Saw, Joseph Shaw from New Alliance Bank and Chuck Bowles, serving as the Chair of the Northampton BID, as new directors. We wish to acknowledge the service of departing Directors Paul Accorsi, John Gallup, Michael Golden and Vince McCorkle. Mr. McCorkle was a long-time member of the Executive Committee and Mr. Gallup deserves special recognition as he was one of the founding fathers of the EDC. They will be missed.

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