1. Tour of Boston innovation centers inspires Springfield business leaders

    Tour of Boston innovation centers inspires Springfield business leaders

    A group of Springfield area business leaders that want to see something similar take shape in their backyard recently took a tour led by Ann Burke and the Economic Development Council of Western Mass. of facilities that have been crucial to Boston's tech boom.  The group visited entrepreneurial shared work spaces like the Cambridge Innovation Center and the Harvard Innovation Lab as well as gathering spaces on the South Boston Waterfront. Such collision centers, as they are often called, are rare in the western part of the state. The spaces, according to Scott Foster of Valley Venture Mentors, are ...

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    1. Rent is expensive and it's usually one of the highest expenses they have. If you can drive that down you increase the likelihood of an entrepreneur making it. You don't have to pay rent if you're working out of your home office but you're not interacting with other people.
    2. We will design that space in the spirit of the Cambridge Innovation Center.
    3. You put a bunch of entrepreneurs together with a start up and ideas begin to flow, particularly in these smaller more intimate spaces. It's where ideas flow and connections are made.
    4. I do think that having a public space, a space open to people the way District Hall is, is a very desirable addition to the downtown scene.
    5. It's inspiring to see what is possible.
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