1. Massachusetts announces $15 million "pay for success" grant program for adult

    Massachusetts announces $15 million "pay for success" grant program for adult

    Massachusetts will set aside $15 million to invest in adult basic education, administration officials announced Friday. The state will use a new payment model dubbed “pay for success” in which the money for services is fronted by private investors and the state pays only based on results.The state is using the same model to fund a $27 million program of outreach to at-risk young men in Greater Springfield and Greater Boston, through a contract with the nonprofit ROCA aimed at reducing recidivism. The state is also developing a similar partnership with the United Way and others to address chronic ...

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    1. It's a new and exciting development in how the governor finances innovative approaches to service delivery and makes sure it pays only for results.
    2. The need is staggering. The funding is so miniscule that we have right now.
    3. The need is so big we're willing to really look at any kind of model that would help us provide better academic training and career training for folks to access jobs and college.
    4. Through our efforts to strengthen the talent pipeline by increasing education and job training opportunities, we can make sure these workers—and the jobs they fill—stay here in Massachusetts.
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