1. EDC Hosts AIM Executive Forum

    EDC Hosts AIM Executive Forum

    The EDC hosted Associated Industries of Massachusetts (“AIM”) CEO Rick Lord on Friday so he could share AIM’s position and assessment of key issues facing the Commonwealth’s business community. The EDC was pleased to host the Forum, typically held at an AIM member company. The interaction between AIM and EDC members was informative and Rick was able to take back particularly western Mass concerns on some of the issues. EDC Directors and member companies in attendance included Big Y, WMECO, MassLive, First Niagara Bank, Health New England, Sisters of Providence and Spherion Staffing. In addition, our partners from the Springfield Chamber and the Massachusetts Office of Business Development were present, as well as FIT Solutions and the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department, active members of  the Workforce Resource Group that the EDC and AIM co-host.


    During his remarks, Rick Lord noted that the recovery from the recession has been uneven in Massachusetts. There are reasons to see the glass as half full and equally compelling reasons to see the glass as half empty. Charlie D’Amour, COO of Big Y, among others, noted that the recovery has been uneven across regions in Massachusetts, with western Mass being behind Boston. Rick acknowledged that, but noted that our region falls in the middle of Mass regions, not as good as Boston or Worcester, but ahead of the South Coast, North Central and the Cape. Rick focused his remarks on key issues facing most businesses in the state – health care costs, unemployment insurance reform, minimum wage pressure, HR and labor issues, energy costs, education reform and possible November 2014 ballot questions.


    Rick will be back in western Mass later in the year for updates on these topics. For more information on future events, please contact AIM Regional Director Dawn Creighton at dcreighton@aimnet.org or 413-233-9850.

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