1. MassMutual donates $100,000 to Rebuilding Together

    MassMutual donates $100,000 to Rebuilding Together

    Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company has donated $100,000 to Rebuilding Together to help families across the country repair and rebuild their homes. This is the second year that MassMutual has donated to Rebuilding Together, a national nonprofit organization that provides critical repairs and renovations for low-income homeowners across the United States. The donation is a result of MassMutual’s ongoing efforts to encourage its retirement plan participants, employees and agents to sign up for e-delivery for their quarterly statements, sent by email and available on the company’s RetireSmart website, in the place of mailed paper statements. For every ...

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    1. MassMutual is very pleased to once again be able to help families in need by donating to Rebuilding Together in honor of our plan participants.
    2. We're very excited to have MassMutual as a partner again in 2014. Their support of our vision that every person should live in a safe and healthy home will extend our abilities to serve low-income homeowners in need.
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