1. Bio-pharma firm aims to bring 90 'high-end' jobs to Berkshires

    A bio-pharmaceutical company is working to establish a manufacturing facility in Berkshire County that could bring dozens of jobs within five years Berkshire Sterile Manufacturing, which officially incorporated this week, has spoken with officials in both Pittsfield and Lee, and has also been in contact with MassDevelopment, said Andrea Wagner, one three Boston-area shareholders who established the company. Wagner said the company hopes to have a facility in the Berkshires up and running within 15 months after financing is completed. The firm has verbal commitments from equity investors, and is currently working with local banks, including Berkshire Bank, Wagner said.

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    1. I think that we've put together a good package for them to consider.
    2. One problem we felt we had in Boston was we would train people for two years and they would leave.
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