1. Western Mass. manufacturing firms innovate and diversify to keep

    Western Mass. manufacturing firms innovate and diversify to keep

    Smaller than a pencil tip, the titanium set screw cradled in the palm of machinist David Ruest's hand is the most complicated part he makes. It's full, he said, of odd angles and bevels not to mention the tiny little Allen-wrench slot that goes at the tip. Even the ridges of the threads have to be shaped just so, or the screw won't fit into the equally tiny part where it serves to hold a slightly larger screw in place. He runs a computer-controlled machine tool at Detector Technology Inc. in Palmer, an expanding company that makes ...

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    1. Manufacturing generally has been pretty stable in Western Massachusetts, especially in the precision aspect of manufacturing .
    2. We're not making it, were making the machinery that makes it.
    3. But if they hadn't, none of those jobs would still be there.
    4. Energy costs make it very difficult to be competitive here.
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