1. Western New England air travel options improving at Bradley

    Western New England air travel options improving at Bradley

    From Bradley International Airport in Connecticut to Worcester Regional Airport in Massachusetts, people who live, work or play in western New England have more options than ever when it comes to flying the friendly skies. In 2013, the regional airports saw a number of new direct flights making it easier for people to reach their destinations without traveling to New York or Boston's busy Logan International Airport. At Bradley, the largest commercial airport in the region, fliers can now embark on direct flights to Los Angeles, Fort Myers, Fla., and travel with new frequency to Atlanta and Tampa, Fla.

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    1. Jet Blue is very calculated, and they did their homework before committing.
    2. We are focusing on the continued development of physical improvements at the airport.
    3. The report confirms the economic benefits for our local retail stores, hotels, restaurants and tourism destinations as a result of new passenger service at Worcester Airport.
    4. The number one international destination is London, closely followed by Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.
    5. We have spent so many years engaged in major projects that 2014 will be the first in many where we can get back to normal.
    6. The restaurant was inspired by a dining experience in New Zealand, and the menu looks eclectic and exciting.
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