1. New England makes Super Bowl XLVIII: Program cover created at Holyoke's Hazen Paper Co.

    New England makes Super Bowl XLVIII: Program cover created at Holyoke's Hazen Paper Co.

    Throughout the company headquarters here, evidence of Hazen’s reach into the marketplace can be seen hanging on the walls or in display cases. There are examples of flashy lottery tickets from around the world, packaging for Titleist golf balls, Crown Royal, Giorgio Armani’s fragrance, Gio.  “The mall is a great place to walk around,” said Charles J. Sheehan, director of workforce development. 'We did this, and we did that and we did it in Holyoke.’  Hollywood is well-represented as well. Hazen’s first major successes in its new holographic venture came in 2007 when it was selected to ...

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    1. Right here in Holyoke we are working with some of the most famous brand-owners (and brand-designers) in the world.
    2. The mall is a great place to walk around.
    3. We saw there was a gap in the marketplace. We saw there was an opportunity to set up a holographic lab and greatly shorten the lead time for brand owners and designers.
    4. We did go pretty far out of our comfort zone in terms of the investments that we made.
    5. Frankly, that's why we are still in business.
    6. The amount of progress that we have made over the years is just incredible.
    7. We think we have a sustainable future that we can build on.
    8. It's a great community outreach program and in a sense, it's a way to develop our future workforce.
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