1. Small Oven, a new Easthampton bakery, slated for March opening

    Small Oven, a new Easthampton bakery, slated for March opening

    The physical structure of which she speaks is a new bakery, Small Oven, which is slated for an early spring opening at 36 Union St. in Easthampton. While the business will have its first physical storefront around mid-March, Small Oven has already been running on a low-level basis for a while now. Milazzo was previously the owner of Cakery Dauphine, a special order cake company, while Copoulos had owned and operated Little Raven Bakery and Gardens."When we met, we merged," Copoulos said. "Small Oven now runs a weekly bread share where we deliver warm loaves to people's doors ...

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    1. This is our first time opening a brick-and-mortar.
    2. We met our goal a few days ahead of schedule and were overwhelmed and humbled by the amount of support from the community.
    3. We love the idea of a French style bakery/patisserie; there's something extremely romantic about it. That's how Small Oven came to life.
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